Versa Bar Pearl Disposable | Well Versed | 13ml | 5% | 7000 puffs

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Verse Bar Pearl Disposable Vape Features:

  • 50MG (5.0%) Nicotine by Volume.
  • 13ml Pre-Filled E-Liquid.
  • 7500 Puffs Per Device.

Verse Bar Pearl Disposable Vape Flavors:

  • Peach mango guava: A tropical trio packed with a peachy kick.
  • Raspberry mint: A refreshing blend of fruit and minty bliss.
  • Lemon tart: A zesty citrus treat with a hint of buttery goodness.
  • Peach gummy bear: Delightful peach flavor with a playful gummy twist.
  • Mentos Mints: Long-lasting minty freshness that keeps on giving.
  • Grape apple: The perfect fusion of sweet grape and crisp apple.
  • Gummy bear: Relive childhood memories with each fruit-filled bite.
  • Blueberry kiwi ice: A cool and tangy breeze of berryliciousness.
  • Strawberry watermelon: Juicy and sweet, the ultimate summer duo.
  • Mango: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with every delicious puff.
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