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Ways To Avoid Different Symptoms of Dehydration When You Vape

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As a vaper, you might've experienced this first hand before. Dehydration is one of the everyday things. Moreover, it's more common to those who use PG (Propylene Glycol) in their e-juice. It's relatively easy and well-documented to avoid. When you keep neglecting to avoid dehydration during vaping, you might put your health at serious health implications over time.

Now, we might ask ourselves why it is with PG and not the VG that's in the e-juice that causes this. It all has to do with the molecular structure and the way they bond. For this reason, the PG molecules bond faster and efficiently with the water because it's hygroscopic. When vaping, the e-juice PG will keep drawing water from your saliva, the mouth walls, throat, and nose. When you vape regularly, these effects will be more profound to notice. There are also many other contributing factors such as humidity, temperature, and the level of vaping activity which can exhibit dehydration.

Let’s look at the symptoms of dehydration which you should look at to avoid dehydration:

Fatigue – It's one of the common symptoms. However, it comes later. If you feel tired, you might consider stopping your vaping session. It is a clear sign that your body is dehydrated. Therefore, drink more water.
Dark Yellow / Yellow Urine – This is one of the best signs of dehydration. You are dehydrated if you notice that your urine is yellow. You'll be more dehydrated if your urine is darker in nature.
Dry Mouth – when vaping wit PG solutions, it often happens quickly. If he level of saliva in your mouth drops while vaping, take a break with a healthy drink of water to hydrate yourself back.
Dry and Itchy Eyes – You might be a victim of dehydration if you notice that your eyes are itchy and dry.
Real Thirst – One of the main signs of dehydration is thirst. If your body is in constant thirst, then you are a clear victim of dehydration. The body likes communicating to you that it lacks water through thirst. While your body has a lot of water, it also needs replenishment. 

Because it leads to some health issues including bad breath and Halitosis, dry mouth is not a good thing to keep neglecting. This is because dry mouth stimulates bacterial growth which, in turn, leads to tooth decay. Consider the smell of your breath. Moreover, dry mouth alters the vaping taste. 

For you to stay hydrated as a vaper, you should change your diet. Take water-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits like strawberries and watermelons are rich in water elements which can be assimilated into your body with a lot of ease. 

Another solution towards the prevention of the dehydration is the use of lower PG in your e-juice. Moreover, you must also learn the technique of playing around with the ratios of VG and PG in the juice. If you notice that you get dehydrated more often, consider pulling down the use of PG and increase on VG levels. 

For the entire part of the day, ensure that you must drink enough water before and after vaping. For normal PG levels in the e-juice, there are many recommendations as to the amount of water you should drink to avoid dehydration. One of the common rules of drinking water is the "8-ouncer per day" rule. For those who don't observe this rule, it is probably the best starting point to avoid dehydration when vaping PG-rich e-liquids. It's often a good idea to keep drinking more water for those who feel more dehydrated even after observing this daily water rule. One rule states that you should consider drinking more water than the food you take. Moreover, the rule also states that you should consider avoiding drinks like alcohol, coffee, tea, and sugar because they contribute to dehydration when vaping. 

Hopefully these ways we have discussed today will help you when it comes to staying better hydrated when you're vaping.

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