How to Determine When a Vape Coil has Gone Bad

How to Determine When a Vape Coil has Gone Bad

There are many essential parts of your vape, from your coil, all the way to having the correct batteries for your MOD in specific. To customers new to the industry, there is a lot to learn believe it or not. One of the most crucial factors to a good experience is the flavor your mod puts out. To ensure that your flavor is the best possible, an important factor is making sure your coil is good, and that you know when to change coils. Three tell-tell signs that its time to change your coil includes; flavor, juice color and burnt wicking material.

The most obvious sign is when your flavor just isn't what it used to be. This may mean that you burned your coil, and if you're getting a campfire hit, you need to change it ASAP! To avoid this problem, you need to know what wattage your coil is capable of compared to your mod. If you hit it at too high of a wattage, it will burn it. To preserve the longevity of your coil, you can run your mod at a fairly low wattage compared to the suggested watt range.

If you ever notice that your e-juice is appearing darker while inside the tank compared to when the juice is in the bottle, it is time for a change of coil. The color of the juice may indicate that your tank is building gunk, meaning it is going to affect the flavor and mix your previous flavors with your current flavor of juice. This will lead to disgusting mixtures of flavors. This can be avoided by using the same brand, or type of juice throughout the life span of the current coil.

Burnt wicking material is the hardest of the three signs to detect. The wicking material in your atomizer or RDA is cotton. Fresh cotton is essential to a good tasting drag. The cotton soaks in your juice and with the burning, creates your vapor. When the wicking begins to burn, that is when you will get a disgusting hit known as campfire. In return, when the wicking material is burnt, it isn't able to perform as it usually would, it doesn't allow for itself to deliver the e-liquid to the coil. The easiest way to avoid burning your wicking material is priming your cotton before the actual use of it. Meaning, you let your juice soak into the cotton for about 15 minutes before ever actually using it.

Although coils are fairly cheap, and you can buy in bulk for about $2.50 each coil, that will add up. Why not attempt to get the longest possible span out of each coil? If you just follow these basic rules, you will know when your coil is ready to go!

May 31st 2017 vapecentric

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