Wild Strawberry | Kilo MMXIV Salt Series | 30ml (NEW!)

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Whenever you are thirsty, welcome to experience the nicotine salt based eLiquid that boosts a bright mood and wonderful emotions. Feel the original and natural taste of sun-ripened strawberries packed in this eLiquid under MMXIV series by KILO. Once inhaled, the berry tartness hits the spot and tanginess takes control over your taste buds and teases your sweet tooth. Every hit is succulent and satisfying, you just need to try.

KILO MMXIV Salt Series Wild Strawberry eLiquid comes in a 30ml unicorn bottle with an equal VG/PG base ideal for wild solid throat hits and some puffy clouds. As you get along, you'll be amazed by the savory taste that captures your sweet tooth. So do not be late to try it today!

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