Strawberine | Crisp Eliquid by Cosmic Fog | 100ml

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Strawberine - Crisp E-Juice (100 ml)

There is certainly an overabundance of e-juices on the market today—particularly fruit-flavored variations. However, it is tremendously difficult to capture the true essence of natural fruits without any of the candy-like artificial taste. Using the highest-quality USA ingredients, Crisp’s master artisans have managed to deliver fresh fruit flavors that provide for a rejuvenating vape that is as refreshing as it is delicious. From the moment you first taste Strawberine, you will instantly realize that it is genuinely special.

Strawberine E-Juice by Crisp is the mouthwatering combination of juicy tangerines and mountain-fresh strawberries, together providing for a burst of delicious fruit flavor that will bring your taste buds to life. From the aroma to the taste, you will be impressed by the accuracy of the fruit, making it an e-liquid that you can enjoy for weeks at a time without getting tired of it.

If you enjoy fruit-flavored e-liquids, and are seeking something that tastes exceptionally natural, Strawberine by Crisp is the perfect choice for you.


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