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R&D Creations



Created by Tony Riva and Danny Redburn (Riva & Danny = R&D Creations) after tinkering with DIY for nearly 3 years, R&D Creations’ founders boast a combined 8 years of experience in the vaping industry, and have tried everything from the worst of the worst, to the most high-end, premium e-liquids imaginable.  What started as making e-juice to save a few bucks, quickly turned into making e-liquid for friends, and more.  Once they nailed down their first 3 flavors, it was time to think bigger.

In their Newport Beach, California headquarters, Tony and Danny strive to create e-juices that are not only premium, not only unique, but are specifically designed for experienced vapers with advanced palettes, and are created to be all day vapes for that demographic, even though they are enjoyed by all vapers. R&D considers every minute detail when crafting their premium e-liquids, even down to the black bottles they use, which not only look good, but also help reduce light oxidation of their vapes.

With a focus on fruits, candies, and desserts, R&D Creations has something for just about every vaper.  Once you take your first puff, you’ll see why they’ve grown so popular so quickly.

All R&D Creations Premium Blend Eliquids are mixed at a ratio of 50vg/50pg