Purple Reign | Salty Man Nic Salt E-Liquid by Solace Vapor | 30ml

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Flavor Profile:
Grape Candy
VG/PG Ratio:


**This product contains nicotine salts in high concentrations and is NOT intended for use in Sub-Ohm Tank systems. Salt nicotine is intended for small form factor, very low wattage output systems**


Your favorite candy flavor is here and it is more realistic than ever! When you get home from work and you are craving a big bag of bright colored candies, stop right there! Cravings can be a killer and we all know that disappointed feeling when you break down and give in to them. Skip the aversion for sugar and turn to this dependable and delicious option that tastes equally as good as the real thing without any of the drawbacks. Purple Reign by Salty Man E Liquid is a punchy sweet grape flavor that is reminiscent of your favorite candies. It perfectly mimics the sensation of popping the bright colored gems into your mouth and chewing on them until there's nothing left. It's astounding just how elevated this flavor is and close to the real thing that it tastes. When you inhale it, you will instantly be taken back to the days when you used to hear this well known blends signature jingle playing on the television. When any of your old friends smell the beautiful, dense clouds that you exhale they will be completely baffled trying to figure out what that familiar scent is. When you tell them what it's based on, they will have to go out and buy it right away because there are so many fond memories connected with these amazing candy blends that are all brought back when you take a moment to vape them. Salty Man E Liquid has done it again!  


50% VG

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