Jazzy Boba

Jazzy Boba



Jazzy Boba, that enticing swirl of jasmine and milk tea, has been blowing up on the scene for a while now and even won Best in Show at Vape Summit III, going up against thousands of other vendors - when a juice can win a title like that, you just know it has to be tasty!

Jazzy Boba tastes just like the amazing milk tea that we've all grown to love throughout the years. It's light, sweet, but not too sweet, and simply great. If you're looking for a juice that will make your mouth water and want more, then look no further. Jazzy Boba is the juice for you. Yeah - you. The one reading this right now.

And, the best part? No gigantic straw necessary!

Jazzy Boba Eliquid is mixed at a ratio of 70vg/30pg