Iced Chee | Frost Factory E Liquid | 100ml

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Iced Chee - Frost Factory E Liquid 

 The two best parts of summer time are now one with this marriage of flavors that will have you dreaming of gorgeous sunny days where there isn't a single cloud in sight. Nothing says summer vacation better than heading out with your family and getting a big scoop of fruit filled with ice, the only other seasonal experience that can even come near as close to comparison is when the fair comes to town. Iced Chee is a drool-worthy flavor that is what dreams are made of. A double churned mint has bits of sugary lychee berry mixed into it. Your mouth will water and a single tear of joy might just fall from your eyes when you taste this juice that embodies the essence of carefree summer days of your youth. Frost Factory has a real skill for being able to recreate tastes that are so familiar to us in nature but have a different spin that makes them fresh, innovative and unique. A definite quality addition to anyone's collection, this juice is going to set itself apart from anything else you already have. The summer heat that makes you feel so listless and down in the dumps is going to be lifted when you taste the undeniably bright, happy juice that helps to remind you that Fall is only just around the corner. Those of you with intense sweet tooths who put no less than 4 heaping spoons worth of sugar into their morning coffee are going to finally find the sweetness that they desire out of this juice that's a fruit lover's paradise. Unforgettable, this blend is a real standout amongst the same old, same old that you run into all of the time. Manufactured by the award winning Air Factory E Liquid

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