2 Sample Pack - You Pick! | Broken Bottle Vape Co. | 200ml (2X100ml)

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Peanut butter & jelly sandwich! Berries, nuts
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Mix and Match.  Pick 2 of the 4 flavors (or the same flavor twice and save!)


Dirty Strawberry 

Is a PB & J just like yo momma used to make it, in e-liquid form. Did somebody tell you that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are only for kids? If so, that person is bad, and they should feel bad. Now you can enjoy your PB&J like the grown up you are. Go ahead, pair it with a beer...we won’t stop you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Is a smarties mouth party! This e-liquid is so dead-on, I feel like I just dumped an entire roll of smarties candy in my mouth with every vape!



Rotten Strings

Yes, this is the flavor you think it is -- this flavor is literally better than real red licorice, and it has the award to prove it! Rotten Strings won "Best Candy Vape" at The Vape Summit in Las Vegas! One taste and it's pretty apparent why - this stuff will satisfy even the deepest red licorice craving!


Terrible Tang

Is a guilt-free orange cupcake e-liquid! Take your standard birthday pastry, then remix it with a jolting burst of orange. It’s a kick in the cupcake! Don’t let the name fool you, this celebratory treat is nothing but a wonderful ejuice to vape!

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