Mystery Box - 60ml bottles | ???

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How are we supposed to describe something unknown? I mean, really. This is exactly what it sounds like, people -- it's a mystery box! What's in it? Well, it's a freaking mystery. 

How does it work? Well, that's easy:

  1. Choose the total volume of e-liquid you want to receive
  2. Choose your desired nicotine strength
  3. Choose your desired flavor profile for your e-juices
  4. Add this thing to your cart
  5. Checkout and give us money
  6. We ship
  7. You vape
  8. Everyone wins HOORAY!

Your mystery box will be fulfilled with 30ml bottles. So, the 120ml option is (2) 60ml bottles of different flavors; the 240ml option is (4) 60ml bottles, and so on...


(This is already a hell of a steal, so coupon codes do not apply. All sales final, no returns or exchanges on mystery box items -- yeah, it's a gamble! You might find your next ADV, or you might not like the eliquids you receive, but by purchasing this item, that's what you're signing up for. It's a mystery, after all!)

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