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Testing E-Juices from Vapecentric

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Trying out various vape juices at Vapecentric is a very gratifying experience for any vaper. Regardless of whether you are brand new to vaping, or have been doing it for years, the options are numerous. Many things come into consideration, like cloud chasing, different nicotine strengths, flavor profiles, and Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin (PG/VG) ratios.

Personally, I like sifting through completely different flavor profiles. Sometimes I'll go for a pure menthol vape for the throat hit and flavor and other times I go for tobacco. Fruit flavors are fun to try but vary based on how sweet it is. Sometimes that apple flavor you're looking for can have hints of licorice for example, making it taste more like apple hookah than any actual 'apple'. Trying out different liquids at Vapecentric helps me look through and find which flavors I really like.

A lot of house vape liquids I've tried have a lot of cheap sweeteners and really muddy up whatever tank I'm using. The sweeteners from a lot of the cheaper places end up tasting overly saccharine and really stick to your coils and lead to that disgusting black gunk on the coil, and buildup on the tank itself. 

Because of this, I find that looking through the different brands and styles on Vapecentric really do help address these issues. For example, finding a solid tobacco flavor can prove to be a challenge. A lot of times I'll try a brand and it just wouldn't provide genuine flavor. However, cycling through different ones I was able to find certain liquids that would taste like the Camel cigarettes I used to smoke. Adding a small bottle of menthol would help replicate the smooth menthol taste. The options really are endless, and if you're willing to explore the results can be very gratifying.

I also find that cycling through these different flavors helps me avoid vaper's tongue. If you're not aware of the term, this is the stale taste you get after using the same liquid for a while. For example, you can reuse your favorite liquid but after a while you virtually 'stop' being able to taste it. Sometimes even alternating between two different juices can be sufficient -- this is something that is very individual, and so you'll have to try for yourself and see what works best.

Also, I like being able to cycle through different nicotine strengths. I've been vaping for 2 years now and weaned myself off of cigarettes using it. I started with a solid 18mg level and transitioned off of cigarettes at that level. Then I started gradually leveling down the nicotine level in the tank. Using the same liquid, I would go down from 18mg to 12mg and so on. Currently, I have worked my way down to 3mg. I would highly suggest trying different nicotine strengths on Vapecentric and seeing what works for you.

The different levels of PG and VG are pretty important in trying liquids, and thus it's nice to have options. PG really helps give flavor and a decent throat hit, and personally I enjoy it. A lot of friends, however, tried higher PG liquids and found that it gave them irritation. 

Being able to try the higher VG liquids is a huge plus. The higher VG e-liquids don't hit quite as hard, but help with vapor production. So, if you're cloud chasing, the higher VG liquids, especially at the lower nicotine levels are probably your best bet. The high VG and low nicotine varieties offered really give you options to see what you're into, especially if you're trying to cloud chase.

Another thing to consider when sampling liquids is that wattage can vary based on the type of device your own. Thus it is important to be able to sample different nicotine levels, VG and PG levels in order to find what works best at what wattage. Often times, a lower strength, PG level or even flavor profile can be desirable based on what kind of mod you own.

Trying different juices on Vapecentric, overall, is a brilliant opportunity for any vaper. Knowing that vaping is almost infinite with the number of combinations of everything, you can really customize your experience in a way that was never possible with smoking. Through the multiple flavors, nicotine strengths, liquid profiles that you can find, as well as the different kinds of tanks and mods available, you can easily make vaping the most pleasurable experience to you. Take a quick look through Vapecentric - you won't be disappointed.


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