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Checking Your E-Liquid For Any Signs of Age

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There are many reasons why you would want to check your e-liquid for signs of aging. The first is because, after awhile, the flavor can change. For example, we'll say the flavor is strawberry. After some time the taste could be completely different. Another reason is that the flavor can taste stale, just like a cigarette would if it's left out for a period of time. You pay good money for specific and fresh flavors so you don't want the flavor to change completely and end up going stale.

The first way you check for aging is by looking at the color. While a slight change of color is normal, if your e-liquid changes color a lot then you shouldn't use it anymore. For example, say your e-liquid was blue at the time of purchase and then you noticed it changed to a shade of green then that means that your e-liquid is either going bad or is already bad.

The next way to check is if the e-liquid consistency changes. For example, if your e-liquid was really thick or really thing when you bought it and it has become the opposite then that's a huge sign of ageing. Another thing about consistency is if you notice your e-liquid has particles settled on the bottom. This happens when your e-liquid breaks down and starts to go bad.

The final thing that you want to look for is a difference in smell. If you notice your e-liquid smells stale or rotten then you shouldn't use it. A little difference in smell is normal but if you buy a strawberry e-liquid and it ends up smelling really bad then there is something really wrong with your e-liquid.

While there hasn't been any real medical evidence of the harms that could be cause by using expired e-juice, you still don't want to risk it. You pay a lot of money to get the flavors of e-liquid that you want and you don't want to continue using it if the flavor isn't there. The same thing goes with the nicotine content. You want a fresh liquid and if it starts to expire you don't want to be puffing on stale juice. If you see any of these aging signs then make sure you throw out the e-liquid and go buy fresh. That way you won't have to worry about wasting your money or experiencing any type of adverse side effects.


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