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Cartridges and E-Liquids Are 2 Different Things

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When people first get interested in vaping, there is often a little confusion about cartridges and e-liquids. How exactly are they different? And is one better than the other? These are the questions I will be answering in this article.

Cartridges are disposable tanks pre-filled with e-Liquid. Once you've vaped all the liquid in the cartridge, you can simply throw it away and replace it with a new one. They typically come in packs of 5,10, or 15, and are available in a large amount of flavors and nicotine strengths. One of these cartridges typically lasts about as long as a pack of cigarettes would. Cartridges are often recommended for people new to vaping, because there's no need to hassle with refilling e-Liquid or replacing atomizers.

One of the downsides of cartridges is that for the most part, you'll have to use the same brand of cartridges as your e-cig. Cartridges made by other brands won't fit properly, and this will limit your selection a bit.

Or, You could opt for using a reusable tank and fill it with e-Liquid manually. With a refillable tank, you can use e-Liquid from any brand. You can mix flavors if you're feeling adventurous, or you can even make your own home-made e-liquid. And if you're sensitive or allergic to propylene glycol (PG), you can use vegetable glycol (VG) liquids instead.

There's also a big cost benefit to e-Liquids and a refillable tank. One 30ml e-Liquid bottle will last you as long as about 12 disposable cartridges will.

It's important to remember, however, that refilling you tank correctly can take some practice. If you accidentally over fill the tank, you'll end up with your mouth full of e-Liquid the next time you go to take a puff. And that's definitely not fun.

If you happen to have children or pets, it’s very important to have your e-liquid bottles stored in a place where they won't be able to access them. If they managed to open and ingest it, the amount of nicotine in the liquid could be potentially fatal.

Which One is Better?
Now that I've broken down the difference between using cartridges and e-liquids, I want to make it clear that neither is necessarily better than the other. If you're new to vaping and you prefer the idea of disposable cartridges over refilling a tank with e-Liquid (and potentially doing it wrong the first few times) then using cartridges is probably the right move for you. If the amount of flavors and strengths available to you, potentially making your own personalized e-Liquid mixes, and saving money in the long run are more important to you than go for a refillable tank and e-Liquid.

Either way, you'll enjoy those juices!


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